When Playing Cards Note That Feng Shui Taboos

When Playing Cards Note That Feng Shui Taboos

As we all know, money is divided into two. One is the working part of the fiscal, while the other is about life’s fortune. People usually like playing cards is a kind of side money, today, we take a look at, notice what Feng Shui taboos help you win money at cards.


  1. Television audio bogey East

Due to little bet is a kind of fortune, while the East is gold, so the East side money. If East position in television audio around the House, likely to disturb the magnetic field away wealth, resulting in windfall adverse, difficult to make unexpected sources.


  1. In money to enhance light sources

Mentioned in the first section East of side money from home, so don’t let this Yin accumulation, or even turn your landscape the resulting depression. So the best way is to the East side money at home layout lighting, especially to spotlight the best. Not only does this evil refuge, can increase the Yang Qi, to better meet the heaven-sent Fortune at cards, but ten bet nine will also win.


  1. With a lucky color

Mentioned on the wealth of gold shipped, five elements of gold color with white and gold, Pink is also included. So if you want to increase your money, if you want to win money at cards, it is best to use the lucky colors mentioned above. Small bedding pillowcase, home décor and more with white and gold, not only looks natural sunlight, and are more likely to attract money Oh!



Want To Play Mahjong Winnings Must Be Sitting

Well known Poker, Mahjong is widespread, leisure and entertainment project. But how to win, luck, relying on technology, tend to differ. Remember, luck turned, not always belong to you. Only if you have acquired a high level of technology, can play to win. About Feng Shui Mahjong winnings, no big loss.


  1. Do not rely on the bookcase behind and large Windows

Behind the window is empty, behind walls, and would have to go on, the Windows are empty. Cabinets can be, but not sounds like ‘lose’ bookcase, bookcase behind too.


  1. Incompressible beams

Your seat, just below the beams, it is psychological pressure, it is best not to choose this location.


  1. Do not greet door back door

The door is welcome to God, so you should look at God of Wealth, do not carry the god of wealth. You want to sit in the position is not carrying the door position, God of Wealth to meet the door, do not back door.


  1. Do not in front of the toilet

First, the God of Wealth does not like, God of Wealth does not like to close to you, because is it an awful place. Second, everyone on the toilet, will look at you behind, walk in your back.