How To Use The Power of Feng Shui Improve The Betting And Lottery Games

How To Use The Power of Feng Shui Improve The Betting And Lottery Games

Everyone wants their own windfalls, something on which everyone desires. Bet like a born, cannot be captured, but some people often bet wins or winning, I think you must be very jealous, how to have victories or lucky, I guess it must be the most interested.

Next to introduce, is how to use the power of Feng Shui to enhance bet and win games.


  1. Bedroom space must be large

Too had small of room, luck is into not to of, House here of furniture the lost of best are cleanup off, neatly and ventilation good of space is focus, too had ever mess or no Windows of room must deny abandoned, space minimum must in five pings above, too had open may not be is good, furniture and space of size best into is proportional to the, don’t small pattern pendulum big home furniture, or big pattern pendulum small home furniture is not for.


  1. In the East window and set the audio or TV

Bet is a golden one, winning games in charge of the direction is East, said Feng Shui Dong (earthquake), has the function of destroying negative energy of the gas, when you want to achieve lucky function, bet better, or lottery tickets, best skips of the East.

Stereos or television sets can sound objects are best placed in the East, when you buy lottery tickets or lottery postcards, it is best to put Crystal in magnetic fields in the East, also when filling out sweepstakes postcards or letters, it is best to write while listening to music, evokes the luck of winning rang yin bo in the East.


  1. Implementation of principles of the magnetic field of a native gold

Native gold in the five elements of Feng Shui means good relationships with the metal occurs naturally, make use of this relationship to Sheng Jin Qianyun. May call upon soil strength, in fact, in ancient times people hid the treasure in the ground, however, this method for people who have the problem, and easy dirty paper, the most convenient method is to use living, yoga-brown color of the soil, until the day before the draw was removed from the enclosed space, the award winning.


  1. Strengthening light source at the gates to disperse Yin

Northeast corner to remain dry cleans the tidy, can best enhance the field, cleansing the aura on the foliage plants, must place a lamp at night, and blew the yin to increase good luck.


  1. Bet better enhance intuition

Is to enhance intuitive location on the South side, if Windows or balconies is ideal, near the window or balcony on the large green foliage plants can best help enhance intuitively, please don’t place a washing machine or dry in the pot, which will affect the magnetic field runs, less bet. If the balcony is large enough, place white tables and chairs, you can enhance the magnetic field.


Best South-vertex, the triangle of quality assurance in Chengdu-Nanchong, Northwest, Northeast orientation, which can boost intuition, placing tables and chairs in Northwest, lucky color is dark green and Brown.

Northeast place a bookcase or closet, manufacture the accumulated impressions, lucky color is white.

South best placed a pair of glowing items.