Five Casino Taboo

Five Casino Taboo

When entering the casino, many people will lose their minds, how much to put, this is not enough, many friends are telling the novice, in any case, must remember five taboo, so that you can lose more wins.

Steps: –

1. Bogey impetuous: there are many players in the real-money poker should not be raised in the course of the game blind raises. Don’t always think of yourself is good, others are vulnerable. Of course, this is the art of speaking of momentum, sometimes it is necessary. If the once brave, or looking for opportunities to steal chickens tend to lose. Unsuspecting is often the main reason gold or red eye lost, this is not acceptable. Wanted to throw on him, gambling, transmission and red eyes filled with hatred. Be sure to keep your mind calm at this time, or else they will be opponents the opportunity to opponents.


2. Fear fearful and timid: but can’t follow his chances. Mainly due to less money, or lose too many in a row, scared, felt lucky not up to. Such a result could be a grudge and eventually. So when to do adventurousness. Fear will only lose more opportunities.


3. Avoid luck: when you know each other, you hold on small, still walks with. Always think that they can get two or three. Really small instead of a great chance to win. Small winning percentage should be less than 40%. This is a form of stealing chickens, but do not have any luck.


4. Bogey is not identified and: to select the competitors, and according to transform different opponent bet. From bet, probably can be divided into three categories. A cautious type, their winning percentage is only 20%, and some people even just 15%. Second, offensive, their winning percentage is above 40%. To analyze their personalities, can help you decide. As Sun Tzu said: know thyself, victorious. Only a better understanding of your opponent can take the best countermeasure to deal with him better.


5. Avoid judgment is unclear: when they have AA outside the same time there are small pairs of people when the hand on the shuttle, opened a look that people already have three or two pairs. Or turn over, the other side there is a small pair, Stud, and he is likely to have a pair of Ah. This situation is sometimes obvious to each other, it is easy to see, sometimes not too obvious, it is necessary to judge. It is recommended that when they have only one pair and the other side of the time to be careful.