The Psychological Trap of Almost Winning

The Psychological Trap of Almost Winning

Crack the casino Feng Shui Bureau: The Psychological Trap of Almost Winning. Casino by ‘expert advice’ Feng Shui is a thorough study of gamblers’ psychological design.

‘Almost to win’ mentality let gamblers mistakenly think that continued efforts to win money, the result cannot extricate themselves.

Gambling Luck

Gambling with a moment of luck can make a fortune, but the casino is always to make money, any wager the odds are set good, in the long run, even if not ‘Ten Bet Nine Lose’, but also lose more winless, is a steady loss of money not to make a bad investment. Many people do not understand why gamblers know they’ll be pumped, but also unrepentant bets? Psychologists study found that gambling is a game from the rules to the layout of the site has been carefully designed traps, can let gamblers continue to get psychological ‘rewards’, resulting in losing money cannot extricate themselves.

Casino: The slot machine eats people not by name.

Asia-renowned casino Macau Lisboa hotel is said to be an expert in the ‘Feng Shui Bureau’: Two Doorway a lion mouth, like a tiger mouth, let you ‘boss in, wage earners come out’; a pair of blood-sucking bats in the door are meant to suck your wealth in a vicious way. The building structure is like a sparrow cage, make you a ‘cage’; a row of slots in front of the lobby, but also to take its ferocious bite … in fact, this is only the Feng Shui master’s ‘analogy’ naïve imagination, if their logic is established, The casino is simply built into a zoo or prison. In fact, the gaming industry has been using a variety of means to lure people into betting and to do research on this, and psychology plays an important role in gaming marketing-letting gamblers lose money and continue to gamble to get more money out of their pockets.

Professor of psychology at Nottingham Trent University, Dr. Mark Griffiths, explore the many mysteries of the casino. He found that most casinos in the world were trying to fill up their internal space with slots because it was the most profitable way to play. The casino’s food and beverage Center is usually located in the middle or rear of the inner space so that guests have to cross the gambling area before and after meals. For the same purpose, the casino also deliberately set a circuitous path to extend the guest’s stay in the gambling area and make them spend more money on the bet.
Casino is a place of ‘feasting’. Studies have shown that color is associated with certain emotional states and can also affect blood pressure, respiration and excitability. For example, red represents excitement, blue represents a comfortable, safe feeling, the red light will be more willing to bet and bet more money than the blue light. Many casinos in the United States offer free alcoholic beverages to their guests, hoping that you will have a lower sense of rational judgment under the influence of alcohol, thus making it easier to ‘Giving a blog’.

Casinos always play a noisy, funny, and exciting feeling with little change or background music. Music can improve people’s excitement or relaxation, research shows that the greater the amount of music the supermarket customers hear, the more they shop every minute. The same is true of casinos, and the larger the background music, the faster the guests will bet. When you win money in a slot machine, it also plays congratulatory music, bells, or buzz, and the coins come out of the metal plate and make you feel that winning is easier than losing money most of the time you’re losing money and the slot machine doesn’t say anything!

The smell can also affect gambling behavior. Experiments conducted at the Las Vegas Casino in the United States show that a pleasant scent can be sprayed in the slot-machine area, adding to the number of the guest’s bets. Griffiths thought it was the same principle that some malls sprayed a chocolate-like scent on Valentine’s Day to increase sales.

When guests feel comfortable, the time to stay in the casino will be extended. For example, allowing guests to sit down can reduce fatigue, greatly increase comfort, and provide snacks, tea and amenities, such as toilets. However, some addicted gamblers are not willing to leave the slot machine or roulette table to get drinks, food or toilet, for fear of being occupied by their ‘lucky bit.’