How to Enhance the Gambling Operation

How to Enhance the Gambling Operation

As the saying goes, little gambling, big bet on the body, but no matter how life in the leisure time is always more or less like to bet on a, so at the table or table can also see a lot of people Not the same expression and demeanor, gambling is actually luck, but said the random luck is not right, in fact, the appropriate adjustment, gambling will become good, thirteen constellation network to tell you how to enhance gambling!

  1. Gambling operation and mood are closely related

Many people believe that ‘love field frustration, casino proud,’ I do not know when a person bad luck, it is difficult to get the gods and good luck to help. Therefore, when the state of mind is not good, should not often participate in mahjong, gambling and the like activities. State of mind and fate are inextricably linked. The formation of anything is inseparable from the interaction between internal and external factors. Such as the ability to do more in the internal effort, coupled with the external role of the subsidy, can play a good effect.


  1. Look through the Almanac is good or bad gambling operation

Speaking of the almanac, many young people will feel the majority of unfamiliar. But the older generation after 70, 80 will be more familiar with. And now the market circulation of the calendar, mostly for the Gregorian calendar time, the calendar marked the date, did not indicate the month, the day, then the hour and time. And most of the book through the traditional astronomical calendar as a tool for calculating time, when we open the book, presented in front of us is the most traditional, the most detailed time calculation, such as solar terms when the dead and so on. When we want to go out to play mahjong, you can open a book to see if the day of the dry branch with their own zodiac hedge. Such as their own pig, the day of the book with the day for the small day, that is, snakes, snakes and pigs washed, so the day playing mahjong, often formed a hedge, easy to be affected by the gas field, adverse wealth.


  1. Source location to pinpoint

Talking about Feng Shui, this is a cultural theory of the wisdom of our ancestors left us. Most pay attention to space and time and azimuth of Feng Shui theory, playing mahjong in the House, the most taboo is ‘sending the God of wealth’, the most joy is ‘wealth’. The so-called ‘sent the God of wealth’ is back to the gate and the gate is open. People like to face up to the gate of ‘wealth’. Back to the God of wealth, is hardly a better luck at cards while playing cards easily with the players in the process of small disputes.