How To Use The Power of Feng Shui Improve The Betting And Lottery Games 2

How To Use The Power of Feng Shui Improve The Betting And Lottery Games 2

Everyone wants their own windfalls, something on which everyone desires. Bet like a born, cannot be captured, but some people often bet wins or winning, I think you must be very jealous, how to have victories or lucky, I guess it must be the most interested.

Next to introduce, is how to use the power of Feng Shui to enhance bet and win games Part2


  1. Increasing the focus of decision making in the Southwest

Southwest to place dark wood and rich glass door bookcases or sideboards, floor carpet, it is best to choose red or blue and green patterned carpet, walls ceiling and wall using wallpaper green simple cross pattern of the best, so discretion determined without the influence of others.


  1. Caused a bet using color

Bring gambling games should use orange color and the color pink.

Beds should be using lower bed, placed in the West or Southwest, North and then a pillow and sleep, bedspread to match the color of the curtains, Pillow Shams in white or yellow is best, when a couple were resting, if you want to buy a lottery jackpot, then sleep on the walls, lighting, West, Northwest and Northeast China to set up a lamp.


  1. Eat food that increases bet

Toast bread with patience, enhance the vibrant tomato and Bacon, spirits of the yellow yolk, so combine into sandwiches will increase your intuition. Upgrade bonanza foods can eat, such as yellow pudding, desserts, taro certainly has a tiger skin cake is a good choice.


  1. Gambling hours how to choose

The night before gambling, must have to fall asleep before 11 o ‘ clock, at night between 11 and one points to fall asleep, can automatically absorb the Mana room, interior decoration to black hundred distinct as good, can increase the winning and losing, it can sleep in piggy tatami room sleep effect is better. To gamble where the time to decide, in the direction of the sun back to the main, that is best to go to the West in the morning, noon to the north, afternoon to the east, so that you can get the mana of the sun to rise.


  1. Who to take when gambling?

It is common for friends to go to a gambling, and if you want to win, it’s best to go with a six-year-old man, whether it’s bigger than you or what you do, and this combination is an attribute, But the wonderful thing is to make people win, to the combination of grams to increase the sense of tension, will improve the intuition, so that gambling luck rise. When your gambling, please wear red clothes, or underwear or wear red jewelry, can enhance the vitality and tension, can increase the gambling.