Feng Shui Lucky Secret Skills 2

Feng Shui Lucky Secret Skills 2

Home Lucky Feng Shui Layout

  1. Make a Fortune

Home living room door diagonal 45-degree position is out the money. Rich furnishings and lighting are very important. In addition to maintaining clean money, the best placing items symbolize wealth, such as colored Crystal lucky stone, increase home energy aura of the five elements.

  1. South-East Fortune

Living room South-East position represents the family’s economic status and wealth. South-easterly in the five elements are wood, this place can be placed tied a Red Ribbon of green, money tree, Evergreen, for example. Of course, in this position on a lucky Golden gourd, the effect will be very good.

  1. Six brains evil town square

Home Feng Shui layout, often on the lucky draw. Traditionally people like blossom, Peony, Peony auspicious paintings hung in the home porch or sitting room of the six-party, town of lucky. Home Feng Shui in the six evil is money well framed led to thoughts of location, so Feng Shui painting is needed to suppress transshipment.

  1. Chang the hallway evil

From the open door, you can see the back door, called the Hall in a home Feng Shui. Wealth comes in through the front door, go directly through the back door. You can put a screen between the doors, balcony where every minute to avoid little costly, Wang family’s wealth increases.

  1. Making good luck seal

Seal, is in charge of a symbol of power, if you want to increase in the new year-want your career and finances, you can go to a lucky seal engraving. When the selected seal material, it is best to choose natural jade, this wealth effect will be more evident.


Indoor lucky Feng Shui Layout

  1. The financial position should be flat

Money should not be aisle or open the door, and money should not be an open window, open the window leads to indoor wealth outside. If curtains covering the window or window, money if they are not leaking. Money to try to avoid pillars and recesses, screens can be placed here is the channel, it can avoid the embarrassment of penetration, can also form good money.

  1. Financial position bogey-free by

Money is best behind solid walls on both sides, as backers to ensure worry-free, so as to hide the wind, Ki. Conversely, if the money is behind the transparent window, which is not only difficult to accumulate wealth, but also because it is easy to get discouraged, threatened with bankruptcy.

  1. Money avoid messy vibration

If Fiscal mess for a long time and affected by vibration, it is difficult to stick to the fiscal. So money items neatly, nor to place regular vibrations of all kinds of televisions, stereos, and so on.

  1. Money avoiding contaminated punching

Money should be kept clean and if the bathroom sundries in money or in money, this is tainted money, finances suffer, not only money not a thriving business, it could cause money loss, money should not be a sharp corner impingement, so as not to affect fortune.

  1. Money should be on the mascot

Money is the home of natural gas condensate if placed there some auspicious property, such as Fu, Lu and Shou or military statue of Fortuna, JI and JI, the icing on the role.

  1. Financial position cannot be under pressure

Fiscal pressure will lead to money cannot grow if heavy wardrobe, bookcase or Cabinet in the money, financial stress, it would be the home finances all the ill effects of no good.