Feng Shui Lucky Secret Skills 3

Feng Shui Lucky Secret Skills 3

Home lucky Feng Shui layout method

  1. First, fix the residential sitting position to the line
  2. Fly lines of each position in the back row star diagrams
  3. To find the appropriate water to see the location (that is, financial position), in that position to install Wang water device, so that Wang Cai.
  4. In prosperous wealth places can put up money, above that prosperous wealth such as brave.
  5. Put Feng Shui or placement levels, it is best to date.
  6. It is a true financial position to combine the financial position of the individual (the character in the figure) and the financial position found on the feng shui.

The Way to Increased Windfall Luck

Carry ten money or five emperors of these small ancient coins.

Money can move the spirits, which are the embodiment of Chinese traditional thought of God in one. In our view, money is something humans and gods, common interests, which will use when we worship the gods of the gold and silver paper silver piece or yellow paper could see coins used yellow paper is dedicated to the gods. Another point, we believe that the Antiquities and channeling, so wear these coins would have a wealth effect.


To the villain of open finances

The villain is in the way of natural wealth occlusion. If you feel things and may have little at stake. So you can buy two smooth ceramic vases, and put inside a plate with a little rice, tea, from Bank of new money and Banyan leaves a little red bag, two bottles left and right symmetrical on the nightstand, so that you can go to the villain, hengtong fortune.


Feeding the Dragon fish

Dragons in Chinese culture is the noblest beast, which symbolizes the omniscient presence. Fish, representing the rich traditional culture in China, snuff (fish) is the best interpretation. Therefore at home feeding the Arowana houses are safe, to attract rich functionality.


Sun Moon rootless water Lucky

This is a kind of folk to arcane. In top upstairs placed a clean empty bowl, put seven days above, if collection to no root water (rain), on even Bowl with end back indoor, in night of when put in has Moonlight of place accept Moonlight, this a step to continuous seven days, this seven days in no root water cannot again contact daylight, seven days Hou left of water is moon no root water. These small bottled water a good carry can increase wealth.