Feng Shui Can Really Help Raise The Bet?

Feng Shui Can Really Help Raise The Bet?

Feng Shui teacher adheres to orthodoxy in general, does not encourage or discourage gambling, or any of the speculative activities. Some noble decent chef declares that it does not even involve the partial or evil activities of business people for any good Feng Shui layout.

In fact, one person did was bet with their own birth horoscope and horoscope for the day after tomorrow, most factors. In the neighborhood of eight, ‘wealth’ is divided into two parts, namely ‘financial’ and ‘wealth’.


The character in the ‘money’ stars or of men of wealth, compared with the economic idea, comes in a gradual, not dishonorable, not speculation, everything step by step and invest within their means. There are rich people put a stub of perceived exertion and hard and blood money to earned money. Of men of wealth, family, wife and child responsibility, family value is a strong man

Money represents fixed money and real estate. But if wealth too much easier than lust, and stingy. However due to the money man of innate personality rigorous, do not like to take risks, and therefore do not apply to land speculation, speculation in the stock market, buying of futures speculative job or career. They are more suitable for static, like the risk of smaller industries, such as department stores, grocery stores, agencies, diplomats, economists and financial industry, such as banks, financial-related, playing steady industries.


Horoscopes there have side money or side wealth person, its generous personality and bold, sleek, athletic with sharp, Justice at finance, willing to help others. Their popularity is very high, great diplomacy, perspicacious and good to find and grasp opportunities, deep knowledge financial know-how, coupled with their vitality, overcoming difficulties, positive in developing their careers.

Therefore, Horoscopes’ men of wealth or wealth should promote bold heart conditions Plaza begins, such as Bible, trade, facility, investment information, stocks, High Risk in securities of the Plaza to create a living begins. In theory, people who have strong side wealth, gambling ‘addiction’ as well as better transport. These people also expect to find a master to help him make a good Feng Shui to improve bet and increase the chance of winning money!

The fiscal windfall was obtained through sweat and normal channel windfall are always after treasure, hope unto himself for a long time. While the fiscal windfall, a fluid, with probability, was caught in money. It was their money, it is all a total windfall. Therefore, the partial is again losing the fiscal windfall, or robbed of the possibility, the so-called easy, also lost, so side money belongs to the instability of the fiscal.


As for can put a feng shui at home, the bet will upgrade then have to see that people wisdom and varies.

There is advice that the little bet, but the good Feng Shui is not to encourage gambling. Little rich thrifty, rich in business. Therefore, win the money in the world, is step by step, in sequential of orderly progress, do not use such unorthodox, money will find its way to come!