The Feng Shui Secret of Playing Mahjong Win

The Feng Shui Secret of Playing Mahjong Win

Playing mahjong as a kind of leisure entertainment, many people want to use mahjong to get money. Playing mahjong to win the Feng shui is how? Want to win the winning play Mahjong win money to look at the following related Feng Shui Bar!


Seat direction

Playing Mahjong Feng Shui, playing mahjong seat orientation is also fastidious, must not sit back in the direction of the toilet, because the two are evil straight, will incur poorer, while playing mahjong the best position is to sit behind the wall, which represents a backer, or a view of the ideal balcony. In addition, playing mahjong facing the door, living room, door and other positions, can absorb the spirit of Yang, play mahjong wealth is helpful.


Bogey and the wealth of people at the table

is not only mahjong, hundred card entry skills are to avoid and have a windfall of the person at the same desk to gamble, otherwise their money will all into the other’s pockets. From Mahjong feng shui and facies study, a born with, eyes have evil, nose wide mouth big, it belongs to the financial phase lattice, generally every wager win. In addition, if the opponent is less than 35 years old, it is best to pay attention to their position in the temple, where the main juvenile side of wealth, depression represents the loss of money, full representative to win money, it is easy to distinguish.


Suitable for the big door 
Playing Mahjong Feng Shui is the most fastidious is time and space, in the room playing mahjong, the most taboo is ‘to send the wealth of God’, and the most joyful is ‘to welcome the God of wealth’, the face of the gate is ‘to welcome the wealth of God’ orientation, and is to the gate is ‘to send the wealth of God’ orientation, not only easy to lose money, but also easy to Therefore, in playing mahjong to try to avoid the back door position.


It’s important to have a good day. 
If playing mahjong is just for the pleasure of passing the time, then no matter what time can, but if you want to win money, then playing Mahjong will choose the right day. In playing Mahjong Feng shui, suitable for everyone’s day is not the same, in the Almanac can see the daily solar terms, earthly whether with their own zodiac, if with their own zodiac, then the day to play Mahjong will lose no doubt, so playing mahjong to pick the day, and their own animals do not rush the day is a good day to play mahjong.


The state of mind and the card is in direct proportion 
Playing Mahjong, if you can do more kung fu in the internal cause, plus the effect of external aid, you can play a good effect. But if the recent depression, conflict and quarrel with people, and so on, this represents a state of mind in bad condition, is not suitable to play mahjong. Many people believe that ‘unlucky in love, lucky in the casino, but when a person is unlucky to carry the pressure head, it is difficult to get the wealth of God and good luck. Therefore, when the mood is bad, should not often participate in mahjong, gambling and other activities.