Feng Shui Lucky Secret Skills

Feng Shui Lucky Secret Skills

Mascot lucky method

In Feng Shui, many of the Feng Shui jewelry has a wealth effect, such as the brave turtle, Unicorn, Dragon, Feng Shui wheel, and so on. However these Feng Shui jewelry placement is very important, if you are not positioned properly, could have the opposite effect, the family fortunes declined. Lucky Feng Shui jewelry is best positioned in money, and money in your home location is on the door on the central axis, axis placed within the region in this Feng Shui jewelry can play solid finances, the recruitment of four the role of money.


Aquarium lucky method

The fish tank is representative of the annual surplus in the lucky Feng Shui lucky jewelry, so placing the fish tank at home can also play a role in the recruitment of four money. However, the wealth in Feng Shui, fish tank must not be placed around the statue or Fu Lu Shou XING, this can create ‘water God’, is a sign of complications; while the tank is placed in the left side of the gate is the most suitable, the gate money channel is to the left of the living room, put in this position to absorb the money, is the family’s fortunes rose.


Plant wealth method

Money placed in the family plant, meaning the money grows, continued strong. So placing plants in family money, such as Zamioculcas zamiifolia (money tree), rubber trees, leaves, rounded plant wealth is of great help in the home. But do not put plants with thorns, this is very negative for money. Money generally consists of entering the gate of the family angle, face south direction. Lucky Feng Shui plants are the most simple and easy to do, so many families have used the plant wealth law.


Paintings lucky method

Paintings not only has a decorative effect, wealth Fengshui, paintings more prosperous wealth of good things. Paintings hang on the money corresponding to the wall, can play a positive role as a lucky, especially Mo the God of wealth (Wen Wu CAI Shen), Fu, Lu and Shou, three goat, landscape drawings and paintings is better. When using paintings of lucky law, must pay attention, must be a wall hanging in money, so that it will play a role in wealth, or to no avail.


Azimuth lucky method

Wealth in Feng Shui, towards the South-East of the House is the best, as was a time of wealth direction South-East, the housing towards the South-East, the entire family fortune will continue to rise, in addition to money, health horoscope, careers and so on have greatly improved. Therefore, the housing towards the South-East is the best of lucky Feng Shui, people want to get rich, may wish to purchase in the Southeast toward the House to give it a try.


Kitchen lucky method

Wealth in Feng Shui, in charge of the God of wealth is in the kitchen, so Feng Shui lucky loved workplaces should be used in most kitchens. In the kitchen, placement of kitchen utensils should be placed in one of the four Kyrgyzstan (JI Fang), electric cooker and microwave oven socket should be located in Kyrgyzstan. In the kitchen, it is best not to put the mirror, it’s going to be money down, knives and other sharp objects, group not to fly, it’s wealth in Feng Shui taboos. Lucky Feng Shui as long as the kitchen to avoid matters of good Feng Shui taboos, money will keep coming in.