Few Strokes To Rush Prosperous Fortune

Few Strokes To Rush Prosperous Fortune

Every wager will lose? Is love gambling, gambling is the strongest? A few strokes to help you to the wealth

First of all, according to the fate of good use of God. If the body is prosperous, wealth is happy, more use of wealth

For example, you belong to gold, then wood for money, more wear green (fry do not fear green), appropriate to wear aloes, Bodhi, more than 3 and 8, more to the east.
If the body is weak, money for bogey, more than robbery. For example, you belong to water, the water is more than robbery, wear blacker, pearls, use the number 1 and 6, more to the north. Second, a Feng Shui bureau method one: Rain mu Moonlight Wealth method Spring, an empty bowls wash clean, put on the roof (beware of being picked away), put more than seven days. If it rains with water, take it home, and place it in the sun. Take it out at night and bask in the moon. After seven days, put the water in the bowl into the sealed vial and carry it in the bag. The difficulty of this method is the weather, can be seven consecutive nights is sunny. Be patient if you want to be rich.

Five peas in the wind to make the New Year soon can be used. Prepare a red bag with a gossip pattern (available online, very cheap). The soybeans, black beans, mung beans, red beans, rice and salt mixed, packed into a cloth bag, with a red line tied tightly sealed. During the Lunar New Year, hang the red cloth in the windward of the porch. As long as the wind blows, or someone passed, can dispel the unlucky, add popularity and wealth. If you want to make a fortune, you can’t be lazy.

The red-colored spar to prepare a small bottle, put in the colors: (White crystal, obsidian, green Jade, red Jade, yellow crystal, and then put in the collection of money and some copper coins, and then put the bottle in the clothes pocket. It is said that this method can make people a year of good fortune, at the poker table, stock market, Lottery luck. If you lose, please do not report this post.

Five-colored crystal pendulum to the White Crystal (west), Green Crystal (east), Black Crystal (north), Red Crystal (south), yellow crystal (in) each piece, according to the five elements position, in turn arrayed in the home Zhongcai position, you can increase wealth, increase your popularity

Emperor’s money to open the law which emperors? Shun, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing. The Qing Dynasty Emperors copper coins in turn, to wear. If you are destined to the temple, take out emperors copper coins in a clockwise direction around the incense burner three laps, increase energy. If you are home for Mammon, put the emperor’s money first 49 days before God’s case. Wearing not only can increase wealth, but also evil spirits.



Money and money transfer law prepare a red envelope, loaded with several new banknotes, copper and a small amount of tea, rice. Put a red carpet in the doorway and press the red envelope underneath. At the same time, in the north of the home, find a position to place five white crystals. Can make money, bring unexpected luck.

Bottle pressure red Envelope method in your main bed on both sides of the head, placed two round full of ceramic bottles. Take two red cloth bags, loaded with rice, tea, new banknotes, Banyan leaves. Press the red cloth in two bottles. Can increase the wealth of money, to resolve the villain, to enhance the master’s energy.

The seed word windfall is called ‘seed word’, is uses the brush and the gold pigment writes a ‘money’ on the red paper the word. Your master bedroom, bedside if facing south, you can put this ‘wealth’ word in the north side of the bedroom, a ‘windfall.’ On the floor of the end of the bed, put a red foot mat. This will increase the windfall and promote the noble movement.