Gambling Feng Shui Knowledge

Gambling Feng Shui Knowledge

Gambling is always winning and losing, some people win money, some people often lose money, is not the wealth of God has been eccentric? That’s not true, often of people who win money, might just be a suitable period of time, and happened to sit in a rush for wealth and money Feng Shui location. But how to find push money wind water level? This is a very profound knowledge. In this issue, we are divided into elementary and advanced Feng Shui a chat two sections of the table.

Common Table Feng Shui

A table, although sitting so few people. However, how to sit in order to not lose money, sitting in what position and a small knife to try? The following general application of these tips, want to rely on feng shui win little money but do not want to spend time research friends, it is necessary to see. Can do the following these articles, at least to ensure that you do not lose a slight surplus.


Leaning against the wall behind are relying on

For people who are sitting on the table, leaning against the wall behind it is a good choice. Walls in the Feng Shui theories rely on, backers of meaning. People rely on, there is plenty of energy; one backer, he has solid backing. No worries will be refreshing, luck will also sail to win more than he loses.


Facing the door of wealth

Sit facing the door of the room, is the best choice. The door of a room is where the air flows into. Therefore, the door Feng Shui theories and ‘air intake’ is known, is the place where wealth comes in. Sit facing the door of the room, there is respect and welcome the God of wealth. For those who respect and welcome the God of wealth, how can God be not especially gifted?


Do not back by large windows and bookcases

Backed by the window’s position, was never seated. Who knows, a window is an empty place. Empty or leak, a leak which is leaking money. How can a person sit on the fiscal leakage location, pocket the money, how can we not like a stream flow go?
If you are behind a row of cabinets can be sitting, but behind a cabinet filled with books, wrong. Because the book has ‘lost’ sounds like. A person sitting at a card table, and ‘lost’ has been linked to the relationship is certainly not auspicious.


Can not sit in front of the toilet

In Feng Shui, known as ‘Hill tube Ding water management,’ said. Water can be financial, but here the water refers to the beauty of the water, clear water. Dirty water is not the role of Lucky. The toilet is a place to excrete dirty things, toilet water is dirty water. It can be seen, the location near the toilet, but also can not sit.


Thorn in the side facing away from the corner

Sit on a cornerback to the wall, it will not win. Wall angle shape, like a needle. Prick top in back, it must feel weird, uncomfortable. In the table, a quiet, peace of mind is very important.