Feng Shui Financial Position Knew

Feng Shui Financial Position Knew

As the saying goes, ‘People are not rich, the horse without weeds not fat’, the Taiwan Lottery has accumulated to 2.3 billion huge bonuses, resulting in a lottery buying spree, but the result is still the same as the winner is not me. How to be favored by the god of wealth. How about getting a feng shui at home?


Small investment Lottery luck, human nature is understandable. But some people gambling strong and superstitious wealth, buy a lucky cat today, tomorrow to buy a cornucopia, the east put a crystal ball, the west of the Buddha. For many years has not seen the improvement, the reason for it ‘Ten bet Nine Lose’ just.


Home Environment Feng Shui

Home has a good bet, the home of the door into the Yannian side, toilet pressure five ghosts, can improve home transportation, and let good gambling people get rid of bad habits. Yannian is the positive wealth of yin and yang, toilet pressure five ghosts let people do not cranky. Eating and drinking and gambling among the easiest to make people lose money separated, so it is impossible to decorate feng shui financial position to make a gamble. Correct Yangzhai Feng shui and financial position can improve home transportation, so that the people in the House have a healthy and correct attitude towards life, family and music work hard, family luck is thriving, this is the positive solution of feng shui.

In addition to feng shui part of the house, the home environment is actually part of the feng shui, but the home environment of this block has become part of the common sense of life, but rather overlooked one of the important feng shui meaning.


God of wealth in the dirt, in the messy home environment, to decorate a beautiful financial position is not enough. Financial position is the Yangzhai Feng shui pattern deliberately stressed part of the layout, in addition to the financial position, but also pay attention to the entire Yangzhai pattern. and tidy home environment is Yangzhai feng shui basic condition.


The living room is the home of the Nemming, the relationship between family wealth also symbolizes the development of foreign. The living room must be clean and bright, the most afraid of stacking debris. As the saying goes, ‘Shing’, if the living room debris piled up without a foothold, the family members of the movement will not be good, foreign development is limited. In addition, the living room heap full of debris in feng shui prone to gastrointestinal diseases, must not be ignored. Because of the pressure on the self.


Golden Nest

Some people say that the golden nest is not as good as his own kennel, but in Yangzhai Feng shui, must make the kennel like a gold nest, especially the kitchen and toilet these two places. Kitchen to provide food, toilet excretion, Yangzhai feng shui kitchen toilet to pressure in the house of the fierce side, emphasizing that clean kitchen and toilet can strengthen the force of pressure, the converse is to highlight the positive energy of the house, produce the auspicious effect. So the kitchen toilet must be clean and polished. This is the small secret of improving fortunes in Feng Shui, which will definitely help Yangzhai the financial position.