A Few Strokes to Help You to the Wealth

A Few Strokes to Help You to the Wealth

Every wager will lose? Is love gambling, gambling is the strongest? A few strokes to help you to the wealth.


The Fortune star is too prosperous, the financial star to the library in the time, gambling strong.

Usually hit the financial star represents the wages of the hard money, by labor income, the legitimate occupation of the steady income, often come to a relatively limited and fixed. is rich and prosperous representative is stingy, cautious, lazy, lay down money, good at seizing the opportunity to make money. The Treasury is the money into the warehouse means, when the bank close to the yen, when the representative of the future, later, children’s palace, old age, raising children to prevent the elderly, when the old, even if not filial children, will arrange the old man’s funeral, so, when the representative of the land. This kind of person gambling time, pay attention to the opportunity, feel good feeling, will gamble, win will be evacuated, save up money, saved up very little to lose. They play cards have plans, such as today gambling 100,000, lose to 50,000, will temporarily wait for a while, later continue, if still bad luck, will immediately evacuate, can restrain oneself. This kind of person often wins the money the time is many, loses the money timeless, belongs to the kind to win the big money, and loses the small person.


The people who are in possession of the eight-horse are lucky.

Since ancient times, ‘people have no windfall not rich, horse no night grass not fat’ said. It can be seen that no windfall is rich, and this windfall refers to the ‘partial wealth Star’, on behalf of the masses of wealth, unearned wealth, the income of the industry is not predictable money, such as gambling, lottery, futures, stocks, buy horses, bonuses, accept bribes, Rob, coax, cheat, speculation, business and other opportunistic income. Partial wealth is the most people yearn for, but this money must hit the body strong to get, the body of the eight-star than the robber, owl star on more or more prosperous, compared to the robbery is to restrain the wealth of Stars, owl India Star is with the wealth of the stars, so, this side of the money to hide, hidden in the branches, not easy to be compared with the star and Owl star damage, this windfall will get, nature belongs to what kind of bet will win.


In fact, whether a people love gambling, gambling is the strongest, whether every bet will lose, through the eight-figure life can be identified, if you do not want to find a gambler to do husband, the best love before looking at each other’s caret, can play a role in circumvention.

Of course, there are some special patterns, gambling is also strong, here is not enumerated. However, the author here also have a few words, gambling is not a good thing, leisure time Entertainment can, if the long-term gambling will be wrong, big bet also touches the law, please friends like gambling, think carefully, there are gambling life to have the luck to win often, ancient ‘Zhouyi’ that the fate has been fixed, but the process can be changed. is the so-called ‘three points of destiny, seven minutes after the transport’ is the essence of Feng Shui to change the transport.