BK8 positioned in La Liga through DBR deal

BK8 has reinforced its football sponsorship portfolio in La Liga which benefits from the technology provided by the augmented reality tech firm aiming to boost the commercial properties of virtual advertising boards.

BK8 is a big supporter of football in La Liga and elsewhere so it’s great to see the augmented reality tech firm innovating along with La Liga. Whereby BK8 will be using DBR to promote the brand and services across Asia. The virtual replacement technology has been commercially positioned in La Liga to enables BK8 to be exposed virtually in Real Madrid and Barcelona away matches. Fans of Barcelona and Real Madrid will be able to see customized messages of BK8 across all markets in Asia during the football match in La Liga season 2018/19.

The pioneering advertising provided by the augmented reality tech firm is incredibly expansive and beneficial. It’s hard to deny that the deal is a perfect fit, as BK8 aim to reach a wider audience and grow brand trust and recognition worldwide.