Study shows that Black Market Betting is Bad for your Health

Why Online Betting is a Safer and Healthier Alternative

The dangers of high-risk behavior that are caused by excessive gambling are well known but do you know that regulated online betting offers a safer and healthier alternative? A recent study sheds light on exactly why black-market betting is detrimental to your health and well-being.

A new research study conducted by the Asian Racing Federation took a closer look at six gambling jurisdictions, namely Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Information emerging from the study suggests that there is a greater chance of illegal betting within black market betting markets resulting in problem gambling. This was true of all six regions, despite the efforts of each country’s government to clamp down on illegal betting.

The report goes on to state, “This higher incidence rate of gambling disorder is costly: financially and to society, in issues such as depression, family breakdown and even suicide,

Black Market Betting is bad for Bettors

The illegal betting market operates on the black market, scouring away from regulations and licensing obligations. They aren’t required to adhere to any social responsibility codes or business ethics and are likely to encourage irresponsible behavior from bettors to ensure their profits keep rolling in.

The report found that 78.5% of illegal bettors in Australia were considered at-risk, moderate, or “problem” gamblers. This is in stark contrast to the 59.7% of legal gamblers who fell into the same categories. This discrepancy was highlighted further in another gambling district- Hong Kong. This region displayed a clear contrast between illegal and legal gamblers, with 73% falling into “problematic” categories versus the 39% of legal gamblers.

Illegal gambling operators and the black market betting industry can be an unscrupulous and unforgiving world for people who are disposed to some level of problematic risk-taking behavior. This is largely as a result to the massive lines of credit indiscriminately offered to players in an effort to keep them continuously engaged. The huge debts amassed as a result of black market betting is considered to be a major factor behind suicide and depression.

Regulation and Licencing Offers Peace of Mind

Betting and gambling is not an innately bad way to spend your time, in fact, it has become an increasingly popular, mainstream activity that has become a firm favourite with millions of online and offline punters around the world.

Online casino games and sports betting sites offer a great alternative for you to play the odds, test your skill or simply spend some time playing your favourite casino games. Unlike the black market betting industry, you can find an ever-growing number of safe and reputable online casinos and sports betting sites online which are legally operated, licenced and regulated according to their country of origin.

Players can check whether an online casino or sports betting site is regulated and accredited by checking with the Gambling Commission or industry regulatory body of their country. This gives some degree of assurance that these operators are required to comply and adhere to a code of ethics and operational fairness.