How to Use the Power of Superstitions to Improve Your Luck in Gambling

When it comes to casino games, you will hear of two classifications i.e. chance based games and skill-based games. Chance based games are those games in which the chances of winning are predominantly determined by luck while in skill-based games, the chances of winning are supposedly determined by one’s degree of skill. While this is indeed true to some extent, it’s not entirely the whole truth. Even when playing skill-based games, luck also plays a huge part in determining whether you win or not. As such, it’s imperative that you know how to court luck over to your side. This article is going to share you one way of courting luck i.e. through superstitions. Once you understand all the superstitions discussed below, click here to gamble online and see if you have successfully managed to court luck.

Turn On the Lights before Gambling

In Asian superstitions, lights symbolize light or a clear path. As such, there is a general belief that it brings good luck if you turn on the lights before your gambling session. Those who play in and based casinos will have to leave their homes with all the lights turned on. It really does not matter if its day or night. The same applies to those who gamble online, turn on all the lights including those in rooms where there is no one.


In Asian superstition, having sex before you go to gamble is a bad omen which will bring undesirable results, therefore, gamblers need to desist from having sexual intercourse hours before or even a day before they go out to gamble. In addition, its believed that seeking a female partner inside a casino brings bad luck, therefore, it’s advisable to do your business by yourself when you enter the casino rather than looking for some pretty ladies to sit by your side.

Menstruation Period the Best Time to Gamble

There is a widely held belief in Asia which states that it’s much easier to win during the difficult days. For women, this applies during the menstruation period. Females who have a penchant for gambling can reap huge benefits if they visit the casino during their menstruation period.

Number 4: The Number of Bad Luck

According to Asian superstition, the number four is a carrier of bad luck. This is because in China it phonetically resembles the word for death. As such, Asian superstitions stipulate that gamblers need to shy away from using number 4 during their gambling adventure. This superstition is not only prevalent in gambling but it is applied to all other facets of Asian life.

Hand Washing

According to Asian superstition, the gods gift each person with his or her blessings via the hand. During a winning streak, therefore, the assumption is that the player will have been gifted luck by the gods. To hold onto this luck, the player mustn’t wash his hands until after finishing his gaming session. Washing hands during a gaming session will wash away the luck and bring bad luck.