BK8 Signs Up as La Liga Asian Betting Partner

Since the Fall of 2018, BK8 has signed up with what seems to be a very lucrative arrangement with Spain’s premier football competition. As La Liga continues to develop its own profile across the world, BK8 has been confirmed as its official betting partner in Asia.

The contract is for an initial three years starting in September 2018 and while the exact sums involved have not been made public, it’s been confirmed as a 6-digit figure of Euro deal. The aim is to concentrate fully on the Asian market which is a target area for both La Liga and BK8.


Both parties recognize the region as hugely important in terms of both football support and sports betting and each side is looking to develop and raise their profile in Asia over the course of this commercial partnership.

Grégory Bolle, Head of Global Partnerships and Marketing at La Liga affirmed that Asia is one of our fastest growing markets, so this partnership will help us engage once more with millions of Asian La Liga fans. In fact, due to the exceptional sporting results of La Liga clubs on the European scene, Spanish football continues to be the ultimate reference worldwide and it is logical that La Liga partner up with a leading and ambitious brand such as BK8.

While the spokesman for BK8 Lawrance Wayneson added their company has become one of the principles betting companies around the world. our deal with La Liga will help to expand not only the football competition’s brand in Asia, but it will also grow the brand of BK8.

La Liga is one of the biggest competitions in World Football and it may, therefore, be surprising that the division hasn’t quite achieved its aims in the Asian market. It is home to some of the biggest clubs in the game including Real Madrid.

Real have the great Cristiano Ronaldo in their ranks while over at Barcelona, Lionel Messi plies his trade at the Nou Camp. Completing a powerful trio of clubs are Atletico Madrid who won the Europa League in 2017/18 and that just underlines the success of La Liga on a wider scale and the potential for a company such asBK8 who are getting involved with the division.

In return for their millions of Euros, BK8 will now receive extensive advertising across Spain in some of the biggest stadiums in the world. This is a big coup for an operator who is still growing as a brand and the tie in with La Liga should ensure key growth for both parties once the 2018/19 football season gets underway